Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A morning in the writing life of an anxiety-struck second novel novelist.

This morning, I planned to work on my WIP. So far, instead, I have:

1. read a chapter in "Writing 21st Century Fiction";
2. showered;
3. considered creating a blog post concerning why my thoughts seem to be coming out in lists;
4. created, instead, an unpublishable blog post about plotting or pantsing, during which I (mostly) discouraged myself with the reminder that it's very possible to fail at either;
5. created a mental list of possible titles for my WIP (ranging from 'Burned' to 'Strawberry Jam and the Homesick Soul'--my attempt at the worst possible title, because after that, the right one will sound right... right?);
5. written, as an exercise, a paragraph of my WIP in which the action takes place completely in reverse (thank you, Martin Amis, for ''Time's Arrow");
6. replaced all my original commas in this post with semi-colons;
7. stared out the window at my view of hills, pock-marked with new housing development, and wondered about the death of the semi-colon; and
8. rehung my collection of cardigans so that all like-colours are grouped together.

Thus does 'Strawberry Jam and the Homesick Soul' come to life. Or not. Meanwhile, life will be a lot easier next time I'm wondering where all my yellow cardigans are.


Amra Pajalic said...

Can so relate to this anxiety. Amazing how clean the house is when you're trying to get to the blank page. Try writing the crapiest words you can with a deadline. Either a timer or when you have to go out somewhere and have only a few minutes. Once you break through the words will flow.

Kimberley Starr said...

I've had mornings like this on and off for about... 8 years. I agree about the amazingly clean house. It's weird; I don't feel the urge to scrub pots when there are lessons to plan or my own assignments due. But as soon as I start thinking about the novel that I really need to write, I also think about the pantry that needs decluttering and how many pairs of shoes I should bag up to give to the local op-shop and that it's been far too long since I dusted behind the clothes drier.

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